5 Steps To Cultivate Tilapia To Get Big Fast

5 STEPS TO CULTIVATE tilapia to get big fast

Tilapia is a fish that is widely kept and consumed by the community.
Just look at every restaurant, shop and restaurant serving a menu of tilapia with a variety of processed dishes. Tilapia has a lot of nutritional content such as protein, essential fatty acids, omega 3, and omega 6 which are beneficial for our health.

Tilapia also has one of the important minerals to fight cancer cells, namely selenium. According to nutritionists, and cancer prevention experts, selenium is important for preventing the body from cancer cells, so tilapia is one of the most sought after and popular for livestock and in the world. consumption because the economic value is quite good for your income. Because tilapia cultivation is very easy, and many tilapia food are also sold. Tilapia cultivation does not have to cost a lot, the important thing is that you have land, even if the land you have is not large, That’s okay because it can be circumvented by other techniques for keeping tilapia.

I will write down 5 steps in tilapia cultivation so that it grows quickly;

A pond suitable for the development of tilapia, because if it is not suitable it will disrupt the development of tilapia, so the requirements for a suitable pond for tilapia do not forget to follow

• Kalam made directly on the ground excavated in the form of a square plot.

• Pool water brightness level is 20-30 cm (measured using a secchi disc)

• Water must be sterile, free from chemicals and neutral water pH 6.5 to 8.6 with a temperature of 25-30 degrees.
• Pool irrigation must be good
• Water entering the pool, about 8-15 liters/second.
Before entering tilapia seeds, the pond must be cleaned 14 days in advance.
Do it with the following steps;
• Dry the bottom of the pool until it is completely dry for a few days so that it is exposed to sunlight.
• The bottom of the pool is cleaned of grass, hoe and leveled.
• At the entrance and drainage of water, a filter is installed
• Sprinkle agricultural lime to improve soil pH and kill pests at the bottom of the pond.
• Sprinkle 10m 2 of manure and level it with the pond soil.


Flow the pool as deep as 5 to 10 cm, then leave it for 2 to 2 days, then fill it again until it reaches 1 meter.

After the pond has been filled with water, after that it remains only to choose and enter the tilapia seeds.
In order to get tilapia seeds, there are two ways.
The first one is obtained by means of cattle with their own parents in order to get good tilapia seeds.
The second is buying tilapia seeds from tilapia farmers or at the market.
Choose good tilapia seeds, the weight of good tilapia seeds is approximately 30 grams and has the same color. If you want to get good quality, the price must be a bit expensive, and even then if you choose the second method.

When the pond is filled with tilapia seeds, we must pay attention to the provision of fish feeds, pay attention to the condition of the pond and maintain pond irrigation.

Tilapia seeds are bought 2 or 3 times a day, with good food. If the water is cloudy, you must fill the water so that the quality of the pond water is maintained. If it has been 3-6 months, the fish will weigh 500 grams.
If it has passed the time, the fish can be harvested.
How to harvest tilapia can use fishing nets.
Those are some stages from pond preparation, selecting seeds to harvesting fish, hopefully it will be useful for you.