When Austrian script writer Uli Breè wanted to showcase his legendary motorcycling events he went to aftermarket parts gurus LSL to make a bold statement bike – and the ‘Rumbler’ as well as ‘Raise the Dust’ was born!…

Responsible for the World famous Tridays events in Austria, Breè also devised a Rally route over the Pyrenees but instead of riding an Enduro bike, he used a Triworks creation.

Using the Triumph Scrambler as a base, this minimalist piece of art could have been left as a museum piece for a rich collector but as shown it was designed to be put through its paces! The pristine machine was subjected to hard riding in dirt, gravel, snow and river crossings...

Brée is one of the most renowned theatre and television writers in Austria but his great passion is for motorcycling, especially all things Triumph. He had an idea to bring together fellow fans of the Hinckley brand and Tridays was devised.

For three days, everything in the small picturesque Austrian town of Neukirchen becomes English. English food, English bands, English street signs, English comedians, English weather and of course very English bikes!

So successful and innovative was the idea, that as it grew Triumph Germany gave Brée a helping hand with bikes for marshals, a pop up on site dealership and fleets of bikes for testing. 20,000 fans now flock to the event, many as a cross European pilgrimage.

Always a man to keep exploring new opportunities, Brée then set up Transpyrenäica , a roadbook rally crossing the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, a route which is approximately 1300 km off road. It was at this point that the name 'Raise the Dust' was imagined, both for the journey and the machine to make the trip.

Breé explains, "So with the trip planned I just had to find some crazy fellow adventurers, whose lives I could make difficult! I harassed three motorcycling aficionados; Jens vom Brauck (JvB), Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler (LSL) and Wim Peters (Öhlins) into agreeing to my idea; 'we would ride the Transpyrenäica on 220 kilo Scramblers'. So here we would have four guys from 41-62 years old, but this made sense, a Scrambler is also an ancient concept!

Utilizing the customising skills of LSL, JvB Moto and equipment from Öhlins, the bike building began, "We wanted the bikes to be individually built to the dream of each rider and therefore four completely different creations emerged. After half a year of intense motorcycle and some subtle body alterations we were finally ready." An accompanying film crew added logistical issues to an already complicated trip but the quartet approached the challenge with great enthusiasm.

"It was for sure strenuous with 10 - to 12-hours in the saddle. Somehow it was really cold and wet then at other times relentlessly hot. Oh, and hailed it as well. But to have a real adventure you also need to suffer, and suffer we did! But we rode through beautiful, unspoilt areas, crossing magnificent mountains and sometimes we just stopped and stared out of sheer admiration for the beauty of the Pyrenees."

So inspirational was the event there is even a song about the voyage!


A standard Triumph Scrambler mated with high end components formed the basis for the distinctive look of "the Rumbler". From the lamp trim through to the mudguards, side covers and bench seat the ethos of the 60's was held true.

With the help of a unique Öhlins set-up with aggressive Metzeler off-road tyres (with dimensions of 110/80-19 and 140/80-18) the Scrambler stands noticeably higher off the ground. Upside-down triple clamps made especially for the two-cylinder machine mean the correct castor angle is achieved with less offset.

A 320mm wave-disc combined with 4-pot Brembo radial calipers completes the 'competition' edge. LSL Roadster handlebars are for pure 'long ride' ergonomics, while knurled footrests offer a secure stance in the many tricky conditions.


LSL-triple tree with fully adjustable Öhlins FG 43 Upside down forks; 320mm single wave disc with 4 pot Brembo radial calliper, stainless steel braided brake hoses

Scrambler head light 145mm/H4, electronic mini speedo; LSL Fat Bar (width 770mm), adjustable LSL brake and clutch levers

CNC-machine LSL-pegs, Flat Track seat unit; Short rear fender with integrated LED tail light

Spoked wheels with black rims 2.50x19 and 3.50x18 equipped with massive profile; Metzeler Karoo 110/80-19 and 140/80-18; Öhlins-shocks with piggy-back reservoirs

2 in 1 stainless steel exhaust system, matt brushed

Paintwork: orange pearl, matt

Price inc Triumph Scrambler donor bike (Triworx) € 23.000