Both Gregor Behrens and his massive 104 bike collection are slightly out of the ordinary...

The 40 year old Swiss collector hasn't simply collected his machines and kept them immaculate in a personal museum as often happens, he races, upgrades and modifies his bikes on a regular basis...

Then man himself is also unique. When we ask his profession he says "Well for a while I imported Bimota but originally I studied psychology, have been a helicopter pilot, owned a motorcycle shop, restored toys and worked as a clown. But for the time being, I am not working…."

It's fair to say that he has a healthy obsession with gold with about 70 of his bikes containing Öhlins suspension, which as you can imagine is a healthy market share for the Swiss distributor!

Coming from a non-motorcycling background Gregor had to win over his parents as "just mentioning the name "motorcycle" scared my family."

"When I was nine, I remember saving money for four years to buy my first motocross bike and then when I was then fourteen, I ended up with a quad, a Yamaha Banshee which was incredibly powerful. That was when my story with Öhlins started, I mounted my first Öhlins shock absorbers to this beast!

That's also the time when I met Patrik Wäckerlig from 3W Motorsport, the Swiss Öhlins distributor. I have since kept a very friendly relationship with Patrick and his father Werner. Over 27 years I have bought my suspension equipment at 3W so we have become good friends.

When I was 18, I had a lot of arguments with my mother when I told her I wanted to buy my first street know how it is, they are always wanting to over-protect you.

My first road bike was a BMW R1100 GS, and the first thing I did when I got the brand new bike was to buy a set of Öhlins shock absorbers!

The difference between the original absorbers was just light years ahead. I had a much smoother ride, I could "feel" the street and the ride was precise.

I now own 29 BMW's: All the HP2 models, all the GS models with the new electronic shock absorbers by Öhlins, also the newest S1000RR Superbike with Öhlins fork and shock, the R1200 C, the K 1200 name it I have it...the K1, even older models like the R 60/5 again with Öhlins shock absorbers!

I own a few Moto Morinis and asked Sigi Zachmann, who is responsible for the services of the Öhlins products in Switzerland, to custom build a set of shock absorbers for my Morinis, namely the 1200 Sport and the 1200 Scrambler- the bikes are transformed, the ride quality is just amazing!

I was responsible for importing Bimota into Switzerland and had a custom built DB7 with Öhlins forks and shock absorbers... After that, at the Bimota factory, they even decided to offer their customers, on order, the same set of Öhlins forks.

I guess it has become a bit of an obsession, I love collecting bikes and I love getting the most out of them also. Once you start with Öhlins, the quality is so good you would never change but also the fact that I always had a very good professional relationship with 3W and Öhlins makes me continue with these projects."