Welcome to the Second edition of Performance, our exciting new magazine which was launched earlier this year all about the wide world of Öhlins.

We have again so many great stories to tell about the people behind the products but first congratulations are due to all our competitors, from MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo and the Yamaha team, the newly retired Max Biaggi in WSB, our friends at Audi who dominated Le Mans but also to those riding and driving at all levels of motorsport using our products to help them go quicker. Thank you.

Our relationship with manufacturers and teams such as Ducati, Triumph, Yamaha, MV Augusta and in cars Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Ford, VW and Pagani are all a source of great pride. Crucially so are those of individuals that have chosen to use our equipment.

Some featured in this edition include Gregor Behrens- who has a stunning collection of machines, Simon Crafar- who uses them as part of his Motovudu track teaching and even something completely different from the world of cycling; Robert Starling; a camera-bike rider. We even found space for our Race Manager Mats Larsson who has brushed shoulders with legends such as Lawson, Rainey and Rossi for so many years in MotoGP.

We at Öhlins know that we can create great products but it is what they are used for which is interesting and these are some of those stories.We hope you enjoy the magazine and look forward to your comments,

Kind regards

Kenth Öhlin