Welcome to the exciting first issue of Performance, our new online magazine that we hope will entertain and inform you about the wide world of Öhlins and the people that have made it the company it is today...

Öhlins is in an exciting time today with an unprecedented amount of racing activities around the world, new technological breakthroughs in many areas and expansion and growth into many different parts of the world. A lot has happened since we started this journey back in the 70's.

In fact we have so many stories to tell from around the world, inside the factory, on two and four wheels (and skis!) that the first job has been to try and decide what will make this first edition!

We decided on Thorleif; a friend and an inspiration to many younger people here at Öhlins, of course a look at our famous passion of Rallying, the beautiful new Lamborghini Aventador, vibrant British Superbike Championship, the extreme snowmobile race Iron Dog in Alaska and many, many more stories...

Most of all we want Performance to be about those people who fly the flag for Öhlins – customers who have found new and exciting ways to innovate with our products. We want to hear from you and feature those stories in our future editions.

We hope you enjoy the magazine and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Kind regards

Kenth Öhlin